Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Returned unopened.
The letter,
an explanation,
an apology,
an "it's been so long
and I've been thinking..."
It says address unknown.
Insufficient postage.
No number found.
The reasons become
more wordy than your note.
All you wanted to say
was thank you for
everything, I'm sorry for
everything. You want to do
everything you can to
heal the wounds. But,
even though time can heal,
too much time can render
one obsolete. Unavailable.
Resting in Peace.
Returned unopened.


  1. It really can be a tragedy to be too late.

    I've read the poem several times; I relish its fluidity. The line "too much time can render one obsolete" got to me; that line packs a punch.

  2. Thanks S.L., it is very uplifting when I get comment such as yours. It says I'm on the right track.