Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A new development,
a medium quite unseen,
it's called photography
and Pablo, you're my very first
subject. To capture you on film
will be a coup for me and my art form.
Sit right there and I'll get some
light readings in. Ha ha, no Pablo,
I'm not doing a little light reading,
I have to see what exposure I need to use.
There, now hold that pose and smile.
No? OK say cheese. It will appear
that you are smiling. Pablo, it doesn't
matter what kind of chee...Gouda? Yes,
Gouda is gooda, eh... good. Yes,
Camembert is good too. Look, just turn your
lips up on the ends. There, that's it.
*FLASH* You blinked and it's blurry.
I'll take another, just sit still.
*FLASH* You moved again. One more.
*FLASH* Well, there's a face there...
sort of. There's an eye. Over here,
part of your smile. Next to that, there's
an ear. And there's an ear. And an ear over there?
Wait a minute! VINCENT, can you please
sit down and wait your turn?
And take that ear with you!


  1. I LOVE IT! (Wendy gets out her lighter and holds it in the air. Woo woo!) (Actually, Wendy doesn't own a lighter and won't because she is afraid she'll accidentally manage to light herself on fire in a freak lighter accident.)

    Brilliant, Walt! I bow to your superior prose.

    We are worms.