Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Once behind a milk maid bleary,
I beard a Liddypoolian surly,
sing-song pop/rocks, yeah, yeah, yup,
with good dog Nigel, me soiled pup.
Richie-ringy, drum, drum, drum,
whilst Petey lands upon his bum,
Paulie doodles wally all day,
as Georgie puts pied pudding away.
Meanstyle, Yokie loudly bang she slaved,
a New Yorkshire in me final daze,
avant garded must too grately
amongst the scruffy beat alls lately.
Banded four we combed to stagED,
we was all the bloody rage, Ed.
Maniacal, the screamies faint
as were the mused sick; badly tainted.
Writey, writey, Bob all righty,
pose'em, storied; all humoured slighty.
From me pen me wordies stumble,
in me own write does muzak crumble.
Go salve the Queen!

*** Secured a copy of Lennon's "In His Own Write" and drew me storied inspiring from without me.

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