Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's how they raised me;
my background; genetics.
A frenetic romp through
those formative years,
a shyness relegating me
to a tool lacking function,
but with a passion to learn.
Lessons of knowledge,
lessons of compassion,
lessons of ability.
Honing the skills that
took me years to realize I had.
A way with music; a way with words,
saying what I mean; meaning what I say.
Far and away the sole purpose
of my art is to start expressing
all my heart had been silent to speak.
In each golden moment, a new reason,
a change of season to carry the year,
and it is here that I belong.
Poetic poser full of song, a head
full of ideas and pleas to the Power
that is, that what I feel is real,
and every life I touch is accepting.
A cleansing of all misdeeds,
and a need to make a difference.
Having been given the gift of life,
it is up to us to give it meaning. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey Walt,

    It has been awhile but just wanted to wish you a Happy 4th.
    Your new blog look is great! Seems like we have both taken a new look for websites.
    I am still writing. I heard from Marie Elena a while back when Lena Horne died.
    Whenever I check "Across the Lake", I always am amazed at the way you and Marie Elena capture the Lake Erie scene.
    Take care--Best on the 4th!