Saturday, September 18, 2010


On life’s lake languid,
lost in contemplative moments
of nature’s whispers and the ripple
stirred by each minuscule motion.
No nibble besets his anticipation,
but visions of a soul dancing freely
upon every sun glinted wave,
show the change inherent in each
breath of a restless and longing heart.
Nothing else matters. A bad day fishing
Is the best good day life offers.
The line stretches taut as
serenity soars. A fisherman,
lost in the moment.


  1. Hi Walt, waving to you. Good to see you here at Writers Island.

    I like "A bad day fishing is the best good day life offers."

  2. Thanks Mary. Glad to see familiar faces there. Spotted you right off, and Barbara Young steered me toward "the Island". A good place to recharge.

  3. Welcome to the Island Walt. Although my piece today is prose, I understand your intro above and often write and post poetry on another site. I like the feel of your poem. It is contemplative as is the subject. I particularly like "visions of a soul dancing freely upon every sun glinted wave". I can see that vividly. Thanks for sharing,


  4. Incredible shape and words! Looks like a bauble to me, LOL. Delightful!

  5. Wonderful and I love the shape of the poem!

  6. Hey, Walt. I think we have the same idea of fishing. "The line stretches taut as serenity soars" is a delightful tweak. Like the afloat/afloat float.
    I bopped in at eerily not long ago and noticed some shaped poems there that knocked my socks off.

  7. Thanks Barbara. I've been having fun with Concrete Poems. The sailboat was beyond my expectations. You know how I like to tweak!

  8. Howdy Partner! I see you took Barbara's bait. I was lured in and nibbled as well. I'd have to create a personal blog in order to keep contributing at the Island. I'm considering it. Anyway, your "Fisherman" is a keeper. ;)

    Barbara, if you are 'out here,' I can testify to how difficult it must have been for Walt to create that sailboat Across the Lake. The software is not created for that purpose, to say the least. Mighty impressive, eh?

  9. Really like this Walt, and I relate completely to the sentiment...


  10. "... The line stretches taut as serenity soars...." the best explanation of the psyche of fishing