Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It snowed that day don't you remember?
It was a Monday in December.
I picked you up a half past three,
you were waiting by that maple tree.
The wind was blowing rather strong,
and I had you waiting far too long.
You thought you should have stayed in bed,
but came out in that cold instead.
We had some dinner, we saw a show,
and we made some angels in the snow.
I drove you home to get some rest
and offered to rub Vicks on your chest.
We finally got there after nine,
you said you had a real good time.
We chatted briefly while it snowed
and listened to the radio.
The announcer broke in with some news,
And a shroud of sadness covered you.
Don't you remember how you cried
that night we heard John Lennon died?


  1. Nice, Partner. Funny how we remember specific moments in our lives, and that's often when we realize how people have made an impact on us.