Thursday, January 20, 2011


A quick glimpse was all it was.
A hesitation in my focus that caught me.
All I could see was what I spotted, by chance.

A fated glance as it became
a prelude to finding out your name,
putting it all on the line in my mind. By chance,

did you see me as well? Do tell
if familiarity breeds consent? I think what I meant
was, do you believe in things coming together by chance?

In the great expanse of a universal truth,
what struck me in youth was a step toward eternity,
this serendipitous happenstance, a twist of fate by chance.

You signed your signature with a smile
and it was while your teeth gleemed that it seemed
we were a destiny waiting to transpire; an inner fire. By chance.

An extended hand, a stand closerthanthis, and a kiss;
a bold expression of a newfound emotion. A building
devotion to a love long languishing enhanced by chance

and a feeling you get. And yet, you know when you know,
that love will grow despite the obstacles, this optical illusion,
this passionate confusion has taken root. All by chance.

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