Friday, February 25, 2011

WRAP MY WORDS AROUND YOU (by Daniel Bedingfield)

In the night, you approach.
A wafting wind to warm me,
a gentle hand to soothe my anguish.
I am inspired by your beauty,
a vision to feast upon,
a voice to quell an angel's sigh.
And I, merely a mortal man,
a word monger striving;
surviving this life through verse.
Sometimes this blessing is a curse,
a perverse ability to seduce
the mind and heart. I am an upstart
in search of the phrase that will
open you, longing for the rhyme that will
infect your spirit with an unending love.
Find solace in my wile;
take comfort in my words.
Warmth and security emenate
from within my verbose blanket.
To you, I offer the rendings of my heart.
Wrap my words around you.

1 comment:

  1. This is gorgeous.It sounds like one of yours.

    "Sometimes this blessing is a curse,a perverse ability to seduce the mind an heart."
    I'm sure you can relate to these lines.I'ts a powerful attribute to have.