Monday, May 9, 2011


The crossroad ends at this juncture,
a puncture to you psyche; a stab to
the heart and soul. Toes straddle
the point of no return, it is up
to you to discern your next best move.
Not long ago, you held your groove
slotted for success. But lest you forget,
you are now in a rut and your voice
cannot hoist you out of every predicament
you encounter. The pressure mounts
and you can count on one hand every stand
you had ever taken; shaken to your core
and wanting more. The chasm is wide.
Can you afford to ford its expanse?
Then again, can you afford not, too?


  1. I believe this is my first time reading your poetry. I love the way you handle rhyme midstream, as if skipping rocks on the river surface - one, two, three, I find myself reading with the count going, waiting for the rock to sink, but you keep the rhymes skipping like a master stone skimmer and just as the stone reaches the farthest shore, it lands with a satisfying plunk in one foot of pooled water.

  2. Great poem. I like the use of rhetorical question.

  3. Thought provoking and powerful poem Walt...really admire your whole blog! :-)

  4. First time reading your writing. Intriguing! Funny that I live in Tn. but attended O.P.High School and lived in Cheektowaga for many moons! I'm a poet and essayist as well. I look forward to reading more of your work on these blogs.

  5. I currently live in Cheektowaga and work in O.P., Eileen. And I've been through Tn. many times. Hey, we're like related! ;)

  6. Wonderful flow and rhyming. Great job.