Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Baton tapping,
a gentle rapping
to bring instruments at the ready.
Steady guys and gals,
she will dictate the pace,
this is not a race to the finish,
so don't diminish her worth.
Nowhere on earth has
the music sounded as sweet,
and she stands replete with looks
and style; a smile
that makes beautiful misuc
all by itself. Some great composers
have inspired her and the Buffalo
Philharmonic Orchestra hired her
to resurrect a great ensemble.
They follow her lead,
indeed JoAnn Falletta deserves
the accolades for the melodies played.


  1. I'm partial to conductors, as my dad conducted highschool bands. I love the poem, and the photos. I can see in the photos why you were inspired to write. Such love-of-the-art in her body language and face. Gorgeous.

  2. love concerts, conductor is part of it.
    beautiful ode on music.

  3. I never have seen a conducted concert .. but from what I have seen in some movies , i just admire them for sure .. Lovely poem :)

  4. I've been reading your blog after you commented on mine...I really enjoy your writing and your use of musicality in it. From one upstate NY'er to another...come to Rochester & see the RPO!

    ~~Emily Jane @ http://invokingmuses.wordpress.com

  5. just attended a concert yesterday, wow.
    different conductors have different gestures, body movement and more.

    Share 1 to 3 poems with poetry potluck today,
    Bless you.

    first time participants are welcome to share random poems or poems unrelated to the theme.

  6. Wonderful use of rhyme and assonance to create a strong rhythm.

  7. Live concerts are incredible and I love to watch the conductor. Thanks for this musical interlude that makes the conductor move in our mind.