Monday, October 18, 2010


I listen for returning feet
and voices at the door.
But, my mat remains
pristine and untried.
I strain to hear any noise
that I might construe as a voice.
Such familiarity would soothe
a soul time worn and exasperated,
but those I seek have left
only a residue silence that
assures to smother my thoughts.
I ought to shake the cobwebs
from the rafters of this mired mind.
Yet, I find that memory is nothing
but a smoldering ember
languishing to rekindle into a pyre
of poetic preponderance;
a reminiscence that placates
the love that lingers still.
A finger pressed to lips
that long for passion's kiss,
secures the void on which
my thoughts have relied.
The silence inside deafens.

**Without straying anywhere near Middle Earth, “I Sit and Think” by JRR Tolkien, sparks my muse this day.


  1. ohhh, the silence of middle earth... it is good to hear your thoughts screaming and then silence... day 6 on time

  2. thinking is dangerous. :)

  3. And silence is even worse! When the silence comes without thought, I'll have been declared dead. ;)

  4. And sometimes, I just sits. Lovely poem.