Sunday, October 17, 2010


O'muse forgive me.
You were always there,
like light, like air.
When thoughts reveal
all that I feel, you provide
a voice for the words I choose.
Never failing, sending these
words kites sailing; soaring
into the atmosphere for all to hear.
I take you for granted here, o'muse
sometimes, and at times I abandon
my sensibilities when you give me
the ability to paint life onto a blank page
as if some sage had possessed me.
But, I owe all I am to what drives me.
A pursuit of poetic perfection,
a direction that joins us; a marriage.
Like melody and lyric, this empiric
connection is God-sent, meant
to express all that you suggest.
So muse, forgive me.
For all you share,
my light, my air. 

**Inspired by "Farewell and Thanksgiving" by Mark van Doren


  1. I love it! We poets ignore our muses at our perio. You have expressed the feeling beautifully.

  2. oh, yeah. abandon sensibility while you can. You can always be sane in the morning

  3. nicely put Walt - too true how often we take the mighty muse for granted - until it takes a hike ...