Sunday, June 5, 2011


I have the books bound and ready. But, I've needed to re-recorded three of the poems for the CD which will include two bonus tracks of works not found in the printed version. I have had an unsavory experience with Pay-Pal and am resistant to use this function for payment. A check or money order will satisfy all conditions. The books and CDs are $10 each. If both are purchased together, the cost is $15 for the pair. Payment can be sent to:

Walt Wojtanik
c/o Hesse-Reynolds Sales
3372 North Benzing Road
Orchard Park, New York 14127

Please restate which item(s) you requested and I'll have them out ASAP. The CDs orders will not be delayed at all. Thank you for your interest and support.


  1. I would love to purchase your paper moon book and cds.Do you have an email address? or should I just send a cheque or pop a $20 note in a card ( my preferred option)to the above address.

  2. Rosie (Rallentan ?)

    Received a $20 note in what appeared to be a birthday card for a nephew from "Aunt Harriet".
    If this was intended for my book and CD, I'd be glad to continue processing the order, but I will hold until confirmed. And then your darling nephew may be confused as to which book and CD do you refer. If I do not get confirmation, I will return to the address on the envelope.

    contact me at:

  3. I'll have the best CD and Book you can whip up schnookums:)..up to you!

    Rosie Rall

  4. Received this late this afternoon. Just skimmed it and it truly is a wonderful and insightful read...more in depth reading tomorrow , when I have time to put on my lucid thinking cap:)

    Congrats's a ripper kiddo!

    Rosie Rall