Friday, October 2, 2009


The amazing muse of Mr. Muggle,
(writing for him wasn't much of a struggle),
astounded his readers who wanted to know,
how Mr. Muggle made his words flow.
He rubbed his chin and said whole-heartedly,
"'Tis lack of a wife what got me started, see?
The women I've met are a bit short sighted,
and I think that's the reason my love life is blighted."
"I look on my heart as a forlorn museum,
these gals wouldn't know Mr. Write when they see 'im!"


  1. Cant find an email for you, so I am left leaving a comment. I leave the comment here instead of on Poetic Asides because I dont want to embarass you.

    Please consider sharing the space more equally with the other poets on the poetry prompts. You have dominated the submissions and you draw attention away from others by your multiple poems and reactions. Nothing wrong with your genuine enthusiasm for poetry, but try not to drown out the others who enjoy it too.

  2. Loved your cheeky little poem! Thought the rhymes were top notch!

    Mel Kerr