Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Revealing yourself in phrases,
words, ideas of your own making,
or another's prompting.
All can be expressive
to excess if they profess.
No one shall be silenced,
every voice is heard.
Try to turn your petty words
into pretty words, your cloak
of invisibility is showing
revealing your true self!


  1. Love this! An answer to an anonymous?? Whatever the case, it is beautiful!! Please consider posting on www.flashyfiction.blogspot.com
    We'd love to read your imaginative musings.

  2. Thanks Deb. I'll give flashyfiction a look see.
    In the meantime, I administrate at blog on Facebook dedicated to micro poetry. Always looking for fresh voices.


  3. The merit of sharing is evident. My name wont turn my suggestion into a good idea. Nobody asked for your silence. But you can drown out others by your excess. I am puzzled why this is isn't plain to you. I will let your words, poetic or otherwise be the last on this topic, and I wont disturb your blog anymore. (This last poem is pretty good, keep up the good work!)

  4. I will Marian, thanks. I think.

  5. Besides:

    Robert Lee Brewer October 6 at 12:31pm

    I think your activity is great, Walt! You are very supportive and keeping the conversation going, and that is only a good thing for poetry.



    I'll let Robert be the last word poetic or otherwise on the subject. I'd hate to disappoint the man. Doing goods things for poetry in excess (as apparently only I can do),
    Best of Luck, and see you around the playground, Walt.