Wednesday, June 3, 2009


poets are a different breed
we see the world askew
for words we use
and thoughts we choose
appear to us as new
but these old adages carry weight,
and have for many years
and how a poet expresses them
can bring one full to tears
we all have come to fill the world
with poems, prose and rhymes
even if the words we choose
were used a million times
ideas can take a different slant
with every twist and turn
to see from new perspectives
surely gives us much to learn
so we come here every Wednesday
to stoke poetic fires
to share with all our where-with-all
and profess our heart's desires
flock together poets all
whether plain or pretty
take this prompt and have a ball
and write your little ditty
birds of a feather; poets en mass
joined in this community
writing beauty from within
to give our purpose unity
So if you have a way with words
and aren't afraid to show it
join our ilk and speak your heart
and you may be a poet

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