Monday, June 8, 2009


The sun peeks
just nose high
over the horizon,
“Kilroy was here”
making the proclamation
“Arise to the new morning”
Many things in store for you
if you only keep a watchful eye.
For nothing expected
can come to any good.
Surprises haunt you at every turn
Pulses churn to the dictates
of the clear and present chaos
that is promised this morning,
and every successive one.
Stand and assume the position
to take your lumps, for
the reward for a job well done
awaits when you take up your rest.
Do not be intimidated
by the manner by which you are called,
nobody said it would be an easy chore,
only that it would be worth it at
curtains final fall.
Put forth your effort
with all the aplomb you can muster.
Face the challenges as they present themselves.
Do not back down from a fight
you will be poorly prepared to win,
and are most assuredly destined to lose,
but the fight is still yours.
Live this life. Take no prisoners.
Hold nothing back for the final reel.
Grab the bastard by the lapels
and shake like hell.
Seize the day!

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