Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The freshest face
sporting a smile,
revealing the sense of style.
Unknown, unflaunted.
Undaunted to take the world
by storm, a heart so warm
it is self-inspiring.
Never tiring of the point of view
that fills each sentence
and paragraph of this Paige.
Newly discovered, yet unexplored,
sweet as melin could be,
with a respectfully kind word
shrouded in the exuberance of youth;
Exposed in the wantonness of womanhood.
Learning, yearning for the muse
to strike her, releasing
the passion and emotion
that lies dormant within,
where do I begin on this Paige?
From her awkward civility,
to her recent ability to verbalize
the beauty she espouses; that is Paige!
She, the heroine in the book of life
in which each page is filled with Paige.
This Paige is never blank,
always searching for the right words
to express all that lies sheltered deeply
in her heart and soul. In control,
fragile and breakable,
never mistakable that she
will dazzle the world.
This woman/girl
stepping out of her shackles
and into the sunshine
of another new day.
This poetic Paige, fully grown…
…with a style all her own!

“A STYLE ALL HER OWN” – Ladies Home Journal

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