Saturday, July 25, 2009


Welcome contestants,
Here are your categories:
Potent Potables,
Great Inventions,
Things Green,
States ending in “Hampshire”.
Make sure your answer
is in the form of a question?


There’s Trebek, he’s the “star”
hosting this trivial quest.
Cards at the ready, answers to give,
I didn’t know there’d be a test.
There’s two other people vying for cash
hoping to make me look lame,
with loads of minutia stuck in their head
where formerly resided their brain.
“Green” for a hundred, “Mothers” for five,
“Inventions” makes Jeopardy double,
don’t offer a dare for the year I was born,
you’re certainly asking for trouble.
Round after round, asking questions profound,
this trio with encyclopedic knowledge,
will volley and smash this trivial trash,
while wishing they’d all stayed in college.
So we get down to wager, Jeopardy’s final call
and you put all your cash on the line,
your question completed, your foes are defeated
and frankly you’re feeling just fine.
You’ve made a small fortune through nonsense retained
which gave you a chance to appear,
But you have one more thing to ask of Trebek,
“Why in the hell am I here?”

And yes, it was in the form of a question!

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