Friday, July 3, 2009


Go to bed, you maniac,
you over-tired insomniac,

your bloodshot eyes are really red,
get off the couch and go to bed.

The sleep disorders you’ve acquired
mess with you when you get tired.

Nearly nodding as you sit
in your narcoleptic fit,

anytime and anywhere
you can sleep, you just don’t care,

but indeed, you start to nod.
For about five minutes, but it’s odd

when your disruptive sleep apnea,
takes the breath right out of ya.

In company, you are a bore,
then you nod to nap, and snore,

loud enough to wake the dead
and blast the pillows from your bed,

causing you to lie awake
as your RLS makes your legs quake.

Sleep is an elusive prize
when gravity affects your eyes

from wide awake, to fast asleep
you lay in an exhausted heap,

Praying for a solid night
to sleep until dawns early light.

But alas, you know the scene,
you won’t fall asleep to dream,

you’ll just start to toss and turn
and stay awake ‘til your eyes burn,

So go to bed, insomniac,
You over-tired maniac.

You don't believe in taking pills,
to subjugate your slumber ills.

No one’s worth you losing sleep,
close your eyes, try counting sheep.

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