Thursday, July 2, 2009


They say that each of us has a price,
of that we can be sure,
quick to offer some advice
as if it were the cure.
And when we're feeling not ourselves
and mired in self-doubt,
think about the things you have,
and you'll have it figured out.
We truly have a value,
Every gal and guy,
which pays our way to live each day,
the best life cash can buy.
We're all somebody's someone,
we have so much to give,
we pay our "bill", and give our thrill,
we nurture and forgive.
In the scheme of God's grand puzzle
we are that "missing piece",
we fill the void up with our gift,
which gives us a new lease.
If you are a wiz with wood,
some baker breaking bread,
an alchemist with a heart of gold,
(which yesterday was lead)
A parent with an open ear
and a heart that matches that,
A friend indeed to a friend in need,
or the clean up guy at bat,
a writer with a way with words,
or Amish butter churner,
a teacher who devotes their time
to a struggling young learner,
we, all of us carry so much weight,
our value surely something,
and give it back to all humankind,
for no body is worth nothing.

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