Thursday, July 9, 2009


The caress of your skin, soft and supple,
is laced with the fragrant faintness
of perfumed sweat. Fighting the resistance
buried beneath the cool midnight sands,
breezy summer winds waft from the lake
to peer down upon us, a voyeur of the
night. Our eyes lock briefly,
wishful for the opportunity,
to surrender all our qualms. My lips,
probe tenderly as if lost in lust,
and dip into the bottomless reservoir
of longing, awash in the throes of
our hot and rapid breath to greedily
imbibe the vintage of our desire.
Becoming inebriated with those spirits,
our clothes are dispatched salaciously
leaving no more hiding places to occupy
for the two gleaming and wanton figures.
Ravenous hunger devours this heated moment.
With flesh upon flesh, we lose ourselves
in this drawn-out tantric dance .
Kissing me, as your hunger is sated,
the gasp of that interrupted kiss reverberates,
I smooth the stray tendrils away
from your moistened forehead,
becoming entwined in your tresses.
This deliberate rhythm relinquishes,
capitulating to the urgent demand of passion.
You arch your body upward
as we discover ecstasy’s abode,
and with the strength of our conviction,
we are left panting and perspiring,
thrown into the depths of wanting again and again.
From the back of your throat I hear my name,
as we engage in the give and take of our erotic longing,
high on the passion of life. You tighten your grasp,
then released me, trying to offer control back to me.
The taste of your skin on my lips,
is the sweetest of nectar.
Your plea for mercy is not begged,
but is offered in compassionate supplication.
At that moment you evacuate the breath
from my labored lungs, and in doing so
you find a way to resuscitate me.
And my fingertips find themselves
wound in your hair, forcing us
to the precipice of bliss,
our rants to reverberate like
a victorious echo under the stars.
You accept the gravity of me,
as I collapse the space between us,
our fire still hot and burning;
glowing like an undying ember,
a welcomed illumination,
should we perchance dare to tread
to passion’s door once more.
The lake waters soothe, returning us
here from eternity, subdued awakenings
of long languishing lust.
Doused to relieve,
but never to be extinguished.

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