Thursday, July 2, 2009


That’s right, Clarence! That’s right!
Living in the moment
instead of imagining what a life
would be like if it never happened.
The people we’ve influenced.
The people we’ve saved.
The people we’ve loved.
Being failures for lack of us.
Being lost for lack of us.
Being alone for lack of us.
For in the darkest times,
there is a light that shines;
a beacon that brightens your world
and illuminates your life.
That is the light of friendship,
the beacon of possibility.
A chance to “lasso the moon”
with the love and support of friends.
Friends who believe in you and
gather around you in your moment of doubt.
It’s that realization that makes you
know you’re alive. Makes you
shout “I want to live!”
Your revelation. Your epiphany.
Your “George Bailey” moment.
For nobody is worthless who has friends.
It’s a wonderful life!
That’s right!

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