Saturday, July 25, 2009


A new season is upon us.
Are you ready for some?
Training camp is in session,
time to have some fun.
Vets and rookies have convened,
roster spots for the taking,
nervous jitters rule the day,
players knees are shaking.
Combatants on the team for years,
hope their slot's assured,
and first years guys with bulging
eyes, fight to be secured.
But all attention's on the one,
that player of renown,
riding in to save the team
like some bad-ass circus clown.
No other team would take him,
but he holds all your keys,
and you pray to the football gods
amidst your heartened pleas.
He's known by his initials,
his hands are sure and steady,
and all he asks the fans TO do
is "Get your popcorn ready!"
So Bills fans all around the world:
Americans, Brits, Samoans...
buckle up for a bumpy ride
courtesy, Terrell Owens!

May God have mercy on our souls!

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