Friday, May 22, 2009

...and so it begins!

Yeah, so I've started my own blog. Does this make me narcissistic, thinking others care about what makes me tick? I'm not sure, but it just sort of feels right, you know? I have to set my profile and figure out a direction for this, but if you visit, don't worry about taking off your shoes at the door. Just get comfortable and make yourself at home.


  1. Hello Walt - nice blog - will visit again!

  2. Hi Walt
    Another poet from the shore of Lake Erie. Things are quiet here in Marblehead. No more polka bands playing at the VFW. Our pierogi's come in frozen packages from Mrs. T. All you hear is English. My sons don't even watch baseball, it's all NASCAR. The biggest action around here was the wail of despair from the GM retirees, oh, & now you need a passport to catch fish in Canadian waters.
    Marian Veverka