Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I step out my door and slap my head,
I thought, “I should have stayed in bed!”
The wind was whipping strong and hard
and blew the trashcans from my yard.

I didn’t think; I did not talk,
I just proceeded on my walk.
Heading into the thrashing breeze
blowing up my nose, it made me sneeze.

The air so crisp, it stole my breath,
I thought that I would gasp to death.
My gait was rhythmic, brisk and haughty,
“strutting my stuff” like I was naughty.

I tried to keep my head together
as I proceeded in this weather.
Crossing streets and dodging cars
this morning underneath the stars.

The rapid clouds had filled the skies
and hid this “stargaze” from my eyes.
All-in-all, my stroll was quick
until I caught that patch, so slick.

My left foot felt the need to slide.
My other followed right in stride.
My arms went flailing; my arms were flapping,
at six A.M., my senses napping.

I failed to find my sense of balance,
and the wind continued with assistance.
This blast of spring had caught my tail
and used me like a para-sail.

This lousy weather mocked ol’ Wal
with roars of laughter as I fall.
I hit the ground, (I bumped my knee)
when suddenly it occurred to me,

I thought as I sat there in a mound,
When a Walt falls, does he make a sound?
You bet your lovely posterior he does!
It goes, “(%#@*&#!”

Whatever the word was that I yelled,
I’m fairly sure that’s how it’s spelled.
I got back up and rubbed my head,
And got myself back home to bed.

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