Thursday, May 28, 2009


I give you the egg.
We are told of it’s
incredible edibility!
The infinite futility
of which came first.
Or if it even came at all.
Elliptical ovum of
symmetric simplicity,
I can’t for the life of me
tell you apart.
Each dozen, all the same,
so, here is the game:
Take a carton of eggs,
and hard boil a few.
Back in the crate,
they still appears “new”,
but their difference is
truly like night and splat!
The truest representation
of our humanity:
good or bad,
we are all “eggs”.
Some pristine and near perfect,
some slightly cracked,
some shells split badly,
these lose it all together.
And some are just raw
and uncooked, ready to be
made into any heart’s desire.
Be it scrambled, over-easy,
omelet or sunny-side up,
soufflé or fritata,
or soft or hard boiled,
its versatility and possibility
is endless and of legend.

Raise your eggcup to the egg!

And now, a toast to bread…

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