Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Love flows.
It flows like a river.
Raging rapids of romance
from me to you.
I cast my raft on your waters
and you take me to a place
that I have held you in my dreams
for all my life.
Your surface is placid
and I drift effortlessly from bank to bank.
But your movement below is frantic.

Love flows.
It flows in currents.
Churning, changing;
charging and caressing.
I feel your undertow pull me
in a spastic dance toward
everything we once held dear
and finds us holding again.
Your waters are therapeutic
and I escape within your smile,
letting you take me further upstream.

Love flows.
It flows like a stream.
A steady float within your heart;
a brisk swim against the flow.
The resistance gives way to an open embrace.
And I hold you ever so close
as the water washes like waves
over our oneness.
And love flows
from me to you and back again.
As it has for all our days.

Love flows.
It flows like a love unrestricted.
Unconditional and unrelenting;
blooming and growing ebbs and tides.
Flowing like a river,
a current,
a stream.
Filling my very soul with your “water”.
Quenching this thirst for you
and leaving me wanting more.

Love flows.

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