Monday, May 25, 2009


Hidden inside, a soul.
Kept at a distance,
from all sources
of warmth and love.
Darkness floods
every corner of my world,
in this little shadowbox
of my life. My creations
are starved for
the light of day.
Grasping, groping,
reaching for a lifeline
Hoping for an escape from
this dungeon of my heart.
Rattling my tin cup against
these iron bars of despair.

Standing outside,
a wonderful soul.
Closing the distance
between me
And all sources of
her warmth and love.
Brilliant beacon
Flooding every corner
of my being,
This little shadowbox
of my life. Coaxing
my creations into the
morning sunrise.
Soothing, stroking,
caressing my muse
Hoping for an escape into
the hearth of her burning desire.
Melting my frozen passion
with her presence.

two loving souls.
Sharing the moment;
basking in the glow
of our combined brilliance
of loving support. Intensity
Flooding our
soulful kisses
In this little shadowbox
of our life. Our caresses
on private display,
viewed by only us.
Uninhibited embraces
of daydreams of longing
Happy in the re-discovery
of a lifelong romance.
Shining with the blinding
radiance of our intimacy.

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