Sunday, May 31, 2009


On the horizon of love,
I searched the crashing waves for the sound of you.
Growing together, apart,
I kept your love alive here, deep in my heart,
Wishing for your smile,
Knowing all the while,
The place you hold in my life.

A lonely lifetime limped by,
Until your auburn glow transformed my sky.
The loving sunrise you gave
Started my pulse again with each passing day,
Easing saddened fears
When you re-appeared
To share this life that we once knew, making you…

That’s what you are to me.
I wish that you would see,
You’re my shining star,
And we’ve both come so far,
to be standing here, hand-in-hand.

The way you make me feel.
To know this love is real.
When I take your hand,
That’s when I understand,
How beautiful you truly are, in my eyes you’re beautiful.

Warmed by the turn of your heart,
I kiss your passioned lips, and my heart re-starts.
With all the good things in you,
In this beholder’s eyes, your beauty shines through.
Grace me with your charms,
Come back to my arms,
And welcome me back to your soul, back to your heart.

Now it doesn’t seem the girl of my dreams ever left me.
And it didn’t feel that this whole ordeal would revive.
But we held onto the love that fueled our hearts for years,
Making us, feel alive.

This love we’ve come to share.
I’m glad I found you there.
Despite time and space,
We’ve resumed our place
And it’s beautiful,
Being back in your arms.

The spell you cast strikes true.
I’m here beholding you.
No illusion, I can see,
you will always be
So beautiful,
you remain so Beautiful in my life.

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